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Battery Holder 5x9

Version 0.04
Copyright 1997-2004 David Dienhart All Rights Reserved.
Release Date: 05-23-2004


Disclaimer 0.02

  • This plan is provided on an "As Is" Basis, without Warranty of any kind, either expressed or implied. Including, Without Limitation, Warranties that the plans are free of defects, Merchantable, Fit for a particular purpose, or non-infringing. The entire risk to the quality and performance of the product is up to you.
  • As Always, wear the proper safety equipment and use the right tool for the job.
  • These plans are merely a guideline for a project. Although safety my first priority in any project, I may not always mention what safety precautions to take. It is your responsibility to take the proper safety precautions. Dienhart.com personnel and its affiliates will not be held responsible for any unsafe acts.


  • Battery_Holder.html - This File - Instructions
  • Battery_Holder_5x9_0-04_Stencil.png - Template for hole layout.
  • Battery_Holder_5x9_0-04_SW.jpg - Reference Photo
  • Battery_Holder_5x9_0-04_Front.jpg - Reference Photo
  • Battery_Holder_5x9_0-04_Top_Front.jpg - Reference Photo
  • Battery_Holder_5x9_0-04_Top_Front.jpg - Reference Photo


  • Drill Press
  • 5/8" Wood Boring Bit
  • 1 1/8" Wood Boring Bit
  • 1 3/8" Wood Boring Bit
  • Punch (Preferably a Spring Loaded Center Punch)
  • Clamp to hold wood while drilling
  • Pencil
  • Fine Sandpaper


  • 1 1/2" x 5 1/2" x 9" piece of wood (scrap 2x6 will do just fine)
  • Optional: Stain and Clear Coat to give it a more finished look.
  • 4 felt feet.


Battery Holder designed to hold 26 batteries. Holds 12 AA or AAA, 8 C Cell, 4 D Cell, and 2 9V.


  • Print These instructions and Battery_Holder_5x9_0-04_Stencil.png.
  • Gather your tools.
  • Read Notes section


  • Shave the edges of your 2x6 to trim it down to precisely 5" x 9".
  • Line the stencil up and tape it to your piece of wood. Mark the center of each X crossing the battery holes using your center punch.
  • Remove the Template and set up your drill press
  • Set the depth of your press to 1 1/4" to leave 1/4" in to bottom of each hole.
  • After you are finished drilling all of the holes, lightly sand the battery holder.
  • Wipe the battery holder with a damp cloth to remove any remaining sawdust.
  • Stain
  • Clear Coat
  • Apply rubber feet to bottom (~1/2" away from the edges)
  • Enjoy


  • The larger holes are very difficult to drill. It is easier to drop the press to a slow speed to give more control and improve the accuracy. I do this for all of the holes.
  • These make great gifts. I made 20 of these to give away last Christmas. It only took me a couple of hours to drill them all, and a couple of days to wait for stain and clear coat to dry.


0.04 (05-23-2003)

  • Initial Release


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