Build a composter for less than $30

I've been composting for a while now and my composters fill up quicker than the breakdown so I decided it was time to build a few more compost heaps to aid in the rotation. 

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Competent Communication manual - Project 7 - Research Your Topic: Composting, time to step it up again...

I’ve been composting for a little over a year now which has given me plenty of time to step up my game. I started with a single compost tumbler and quickly realized that I needed at least two more in order to keep a steady cycle going. Lucky for me Rick Sebree had two that he gave to me. This spring all three of them were full cooking, and I decided that it was time to build a compost heap to handle my yard waste. Now I’m to the point that I’ve decided that I must do something more in order to reduce my impact on the earth. What impact, you say? The impact of fuel being consumed to take my waste to the landfill. The impact of that fuel burning and adding to the greenhouse gasses that are affecting our ecosystem and the impact of the materials decomposing underground without air, thus producing methane gas which add to the greenhouse gasses.

Competent Communication manual - Project 3 - Get to the Point: Reducing Waste by Composting


I’d like for you all to close your eyes and imagine living next to a landfill. 4.6 pounds of new garbage brought in every day for each person that the landfill serves. The smell off rotting fruits and vegetables, and lawn debris. The sound of heavy earth moving equipment and constant traffic in and out of the place. With landfills filling up at an alarming rate and the difficulty in creating new ones, changes must be made.

I’m going to cover how we can reduce our waste by up to 30% by composting. I’ll cover the top 2 reasons for composting and using a composting tumbler.

After hearing my presentation this evening, you will be armed with the knowledge and resources to start you own compost heap.


First off, what is composting?

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