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Competent Communication manual - Project 7 - Research Your Topic: Composting, time to step it up again...

I’ve been composting for a little over a year now which has given me plenty of time to step up my game. I started with a single compost tumbler and quickly realized that I needed at least two more in order to keep a steady cycle going. Lucky for me Rick Sebree had two that he gave to me. This spring all three of them were full cooking, and I decided that it was time to build a compost heap to handle my yard waste. Now I’m to the point that I’ve decided that I must do something more in order to reduce my impact on the earth. What impact, you say? The impact of fuel being consumed to take my waste to the landfill. The impact of that fuel burning and adding to the greenhouse gasses that are affecting our ecosystem and the impact of the materials decomposing underground without air, thus producing methane gas which add to the greenhouse gasses.

Competent Communication manual - Project 6 - Vocal Variety: I want the real deal or, at least tell me what I’m really getting

Pssst, I've got a great deal for you. Wanna buy a Rolex? I'll give you a great deal, just $30. 

Most of us know this scenario and understand why it's such a great deal. Those that buy it know what they are getting and are perfectly fine with it.

How about this scenario:

I've got a genuine rolex that I'll sell you for a great price. Only $5000. This may be a good deal, unless you get home and find out that it's a fake. Then it's quite a tragedy. 


Competent Communication manual - Project 5 - Your Body Speaks: Burnout


Imagine the coolest car you have ever seen doing an absolutely awesome burnout in an empty parking lot. This is not just any burnout, this one is spectacular. Imagine the sound of the tires squealing, the smoke billowing out from where the tire meets the pavement. Then... POW! [Hand Clap]. The pressure and stress cause the tires to explode.
What I’m here to talk about tonight is burnout: What is burnout? The effects, some common causes, and some steps that can be taken to prevent or reduce the effects.

Competent Communication manual - Project 4 - How to Say It: The Mining Experience


My wife and I enjoy exposing our kids to new and different experiences. Some experiences are simply for the fun of it, while others are focused on learning. Sometimes you get lucky and find one that accomplishes both. This year while on our family vacation, we were lucky enough to have a number of experiences that covered both. Tonight, I'm going to tell you about one of those experiences. While checking into our vacation cabin my daughter came across a flyer for Gem Mountain in Spruce Pine, North Carolina. She and my son got really excited at the thought of being able to mine a huge diamond and strike it rich.

Competent Communication manual - Project 3 - Get to the Point: Reducing Waste by Composting


I’d like for you all to close your eyes and imagine living next to a landfill. 4.6 pounds of new garbage brought in every day for each person that the landfill serves. The smell off rotting fruits and vegetables, and lawn debris. The sound of heavy earth moving equipment and constant traffic in and out of the place. With landfills filling up at an alarming rate and the difficulty in creating new ones, changes must be made.

I’m going to cover how we can reduce our waste by up to 30% by composting. I’ll cover the top 2 reasons for composting and using a composting tumbler.

After hearing my presentation this evening, you will be armed with the knowledge and resources to start you own compost heap.


First off, what is composting?

Competent Communication manual - Project 2 - Organizing Your Speech: Solar Power

Solar PanelsWe have a real and growing problem. Our natural resource dependency for energy and its limited capacity and effect on the environment. Fortunately, we do have options. Some may argue that they are too expensive, that they are too inefficient, or that they are too complex, and they may be right to some extent, so I decided to find out for myself by building an alternative energy device of my own as a learning experiment. I started by doing some research on alternate energy, also knows as Green Energy. There are a number of solutions out there, but the two solutions that I found the most information on covered wind and solar power.

Competent Communication manual - Project 1 - The Icebreaker: The History of Daboo the Tinkerer

Thank you for the excellent introduction Mr. Toastmaster.

Mr. Toastmaster, Fellow members and guests, I am here to talk about the history of Daboo. The name Daboo is not a new one, it originated back in the forties by a sister that could not pronounce her brother’s name. His name was David. In case anyone was wondering how I still look so young after all of these years, that David was not me. The David I am speaking of was named David Hand, he was a friend of my parents. He started calling me Daboo from the beginning, so naturally, it stuck. I’ve used it as my signature on drawings, and typically associate the name with my projects such as Daboo Project Manager, which is a Task/Phase tracking application that I developed. I like to create things. I do a lot of this at work, but I get my real thrills out of what I create at home in my spare time.

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