About Us

The goal of Dienhart.com is to share knowledge and my learning experiences with others so that we can build off of each other's ideas and concepts.

I've almost always got a number projects going. From software and small woodworking projects (which can be found on my old site here) to my recent ventures into building solar panels, composting, and Toastmasters. My degree is in Electronic Engineering, and I've spent a lot of my career in sofware development so many of my projects revolve around these areas. I am also a big fan of Halloween, and build something new each year to add to my props collection.

I'll be updating the site regularly with whatever I've recently completed, and sometimes with what is in progress. Come back often, and if you would like to become more active, sign-up as a member. Your member information is confidential and is only used to verify that you are a person and not a bot that will bog my site down with spam.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Best Regards,