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Version 1.05
Copyright 1997-2002 David Dienhart All Rights Reserved.
Release Date: 06-29-2002

License Agreement 0.03

This program and source code may be used and modified free of charge by anyone as long as all copyright notices and the comments remain intact.
By using this program you agree that it is provided as is, without warranty, and that the developer will not be held accountable for its use or misuse.
The program and source code may not be sold without prior written consent.
This software is free for commercial and noncommercial use.


  • (binary)
  • HTML2PERL.html (this file)


  • Linux or UNIX
  • PERL 5.003_07
  • Bundle::LWP - libwww PERL module
  • CGI - PERL Module
  • Local Analysis 0.05 or newer (if you would like to have the capability to analyze usage)


Converts HTML designed in your favorite editor to PERL formatting for cases where you would like the HTML embedded in your PERL app.



  • Copy all of the HTML2PERL files to /cgi-bin/daboo/HTML2PERL/ directory.
  • Create a directory called tmp in the HTML2PERL directory /cgi-bin/daboo/HTML2PERL/tmp/
  • Don't forget to CHMOD everything to 755
  • /cgi-bin/daboo/localanalysis/ (This is the directory your log files will be stored in.)
  • If you have not already downloaded Local Analysis, download and install it, so that you may view the log files generated by HTML2PERL.


  • from browser
  • type in the URL you would like to convert or paste the HTML source in the textarea
    Example for a local file: file://e:/webpages/
    Example for a remote file:
  • Copy and paste the text from the results directly into your PERL script.




0.01 (11-05-1998)
  • Initial Release
1.01 (10-26-2001)
  • Finally got around modifying the code to allow for remote webpages to be chosen for conversion.
1.02 (10-27-2001)
  • Made a couple of mods to improve the output view.
1.03 (10-31-2001)
  • Made the Final mod to improve the output view.
1.04 (06-29-2002)
  • Made a couple of modifications to improve performance.
  • Fixed a bug that caused pages including an apostrophe to convert with a flaw.
  • Added Logging for viewing with Local Analysis.
1.05 (06-30-2002)
  • Added Paste Text capability.
  OISV - Organization of Independent Software Vendors - Contributing Member
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