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Daboo Backup

Version 0.03
Copyright 1997-2002 David Dienhart All Rights Reserved.
Release Date: 10-28-2001

License Agreement 0.03

This program and source code may be used and modified free of charge by anyone as long as all copyright notices and the comments remain intact.
By using this program you agree that it is provided as is, without warranty, and that the developer will not be held accountable for its use or misuse.
The program and source code may not be sold without prior written consent.
This software is free for commercial and noncommercial use.


  • daboobak_0-03.pl (binary)
  • daboobak.txt (this file)
  • nobak.txt (exclude files/directories)


  • Linux or UNIX
  • PERL 5.003_07
  • tar
  • gzip
  • samba (smbd daemon running, no configuration needed) * If Backing up a remote Windows system to the machine this is running on.


My reason for developing this software was to split my tar files into bites so they would be easier to handle should I need to restore them. I know this can be done by setting the size with tar, but when you need to restore a backup, you will have many generically named tar files to go through to find the one you are looking for. With this program, it backs up according to directory names.

Basically I am using this to backup all of my network machines to my Linux box.



  • Copy all of the Daboo Backup files to desired directory.
  • Create destination Directories in the desired location of the backup.
  • Edit daboobak_0-03.pl and set the "$workingdir" variable to the directory you copied daboobak to. Your log files will be created here.
  • Modify the nobak.txt file as needed. (Case insensitive) The nobak.txt file contains directories/files located in the source folder that you wish to exclude.
  • Add the following entry format to your cron table:
    For Local Drives you can use the following:
    perl /YourDirectory/daboobak_0-03.pl /DestinationDirectory/ /SourceDirectory
    Example: perl /hdd/daboobak_0-03.pl /hdd/ddienhart_c/ /remote/ddienhart_c
  • If you would prefer to mount remote drives for backup and unmount after it is complete use the following:
    ./YourDirectory/daboobak_0-03.pl /DestinationDirectory/ /SourceDirectory /mountpoint
    Example: perl /hdd/daboobak_0-03.pl /hdd/ddienhart_c/ /remote/ddienhart_c /remote/ddienhart_c
  • You should have the remote drive to mount in fstab. My entry is as follows:
    //ddienhart/c /remote/ddienhart_c/ smbfs noauto,user,exec,password=xxxxx 0 0
  • Don't forget to CHMOD everything to 755


  • Usage: perl /daboobak_0-03.pl 0 1 2
  • 0 = "/destination directory/" (must include trailing /)
  • 1 = "/source directory" (no trailing /)
  • 2 = "mountpoint"




0.01 (07-26-2001)
  • Initial Release


0.02 (10-21-2001)
  • Made modifications to allow for excluding files/folders. It is now possible if your are backing up a windows box to exclude the swap file, tmp directory... as long as they are directly in the source folder to
    start the backup from.
0.03 (10-28-2001)
  • Pretty much rewrote the whole thing. Added the feature to allow mounting remote filesystems at the beginning of the backup and unmounting upon completion. Had problems with excluding files. Rewrote the exclude section.
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