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Background Tile Viewer   Daboo Backup   Daboo Banner Ad   Daboo Local Search Daboo Meta Tag Generator Deluxe Robot Download Tracker   HTML2PERL   HTML MetaTag Generator   Daboo Local Analysis   Meta Word Spy Demo
Background Tile Viewer Background Tile Viewer - Version 1.00 - Final Release - Windows, Linux, UNIX - Preview Background images as they would appear tiled.
Daboo Backup Daboo Backup - Version 0.03 - Final Release - Linux, UNIX - Backup Utility using tar and gzip. Daboo Backup automatically splits the backup into tar.gz filenames that describe the directory or file that is being backed up. Designed specifically for backing up to a removable hard drive.
Daboo Banner Ad Daboo Banner Ad - Version 0.01 - Final Release - Windows, Linux, UNIX - Great Easy to use Banner Ad program. Does not require SSI, as JavaScript is used for the front end.
Daboo Local Search Engine Daboo Local Search - Version 0.05 - Final Release - Windows, Linux, UNIX - Bot Indexes your site and generates an ASCII database based on the content of your Title, Keywords, and Description tags and page content. Ranking system returns clean and accurate search results. Easy to setup, use, and it's fast. (Replacement for Local Search)
Daboo Meta Tag Generator Deluxe Robot Daboo Meta Tag Generator Deluxe Robot - Version 0.05 - Beta Release - I designed this script to work with my latest metatag generator to create tags for the whole site at one time. This is the spider that indexes the site and prepares the index.
Download Tracker Download Tracker - Version 0.04 - Final Release - Windows, Linux, UNIX - Specified files are logged as they are accessed. This is a nice enhancement to the standard logging that the web server does, as it only tracks what you specify. It masks the download directory to prevent other sites from linking directly to your downloads. Download Tracker uses a combination of JavaScript and PERL to track the downloads. The following information is stored for further analysis using Local Analysis: Date, Time, IP Address, Item.
HTML2PERL HTML2PERL - Version 1.05 - Final Release - Windows, Linux, UNIX - Converts HTML designed in your favorite HTML editor to PERL formatting for cases where you would like the HTML embedded within your PERL app.
HTML MetaTag Generator HTML Meta Tag Generator - Version 2.11 - Final Release - Windows, Linux, UNIX - Gathers information from two specified web pages and automatically generates the Page Title, Keywords Meta Tag, and Description Meta Tag based on the page content.
Local Analysis Daboo Local Analysis - Version 0.06 - Final Release - Windows, Linux, UNIX - Reporting package for use with Download Tracker, Local Search, Meta Spy and HTML2PERL.
The following information is analyzed from the above listed log files: Date, Time, IP Address, Item, (Times Found, where applicable). Great for analyzing data to ensure that your site is returning results for information that is pertinent to your site.
MetaWordSpy Demo Meta Word Spy - Version 0.04 - Final Release - Windows, Linux, UNIX - See What People are searching for using popular Search Engines. Word Spy database contains over 340,000 unique words and phrases gathered from:,,,, and It's a great tool to help determine what words and phrases should be used in the content of a web site, and should be contained within the Title and Meta Tags.
  OISV - Organization of Independent Software Vendors - Contributing Member
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